by amytabarly

Something Not Grey Installation

Something Not Grey, the latest exhibition from Paris Collective opened this week at Camden Image Gallery. The exhibition features artwork centered around a short story that I wrote. The story is twisted and weird but as a collective we were able to find the delicate truths, the beauty behind the bizarre.

As the story was the starting point, I really wanted it to be present in the exhibition. I resolved this by crafting up some limited edition hand-sewn books, where the images are stitched in and the text is handwritten.

Featured Artists:
Amelia Durie, drawings
Cooper Gage, illustration prints
Claire Lebeau, couture dresses
Olga Logvina, photography
Amy Tabarly, hand-sewn books

Something Not Grey Installation

SOMETHING NOT GREY | the exhibition

2-10 July 2014 // 12-7 pm daily

Camden Image Gallery
174 Royal College Street
London NW1 0SP

Other featured artists:
Stephanie Voegele
Nora Nadoban
William Esdale
Hannah Dickinson