So I’ve not even gotten the last of fashion week out of my hair, and here comes another one tomorrow. The collective will be covering a variety of shows and events with some continued collaborations and some new collaborations. We’ve even been to London… So now I sit cross-legged on my bed trying to organize things nicely.

It may be just the right amount of energy to boost us in the new project we are working on. Hint. Minimal. Bass.

But how can you slip into a new thing without ever really presenting the last thing? Answer: I cannot. I should not. So the grey project insprired by my short story will be up and live on Paris Collective as soon as humanly possible.

Also, I am quite intrigued by Spoken Word Paris. Unfortunately I have too much going on to go one of their weekly meets tonight, but once all of this calms down a little, I will definitely be attending.


Fashion week this season has been a whirl as usual, which leaves my feet shredded, my head aching, and my mind humming with inspiration.

This was the first fashion week for Paris Collective, so big changes are ahead. We’ve covered Songzio, BacklashHenrik Vibskov, Basil Soda, House of Worth, and Didit Hediprasetyo just to name a few, and you can view all the articles and stunning photos here, and there’s still much more to come.

One of my favorite images from this week of the bride backstage at Basil Soda by Anastasia Nielsen, an Australien photographer who shot with us this week.

However, after all of this my mental state is a bit like this:


My work with Paris Collective is now up on Arthur Chevalier’s Youtube page. Arthur’s single, La Grenouille is now out.

Using designs from Cotélac.


Sneak a glance at a still shot from the set of Arthur Chevalier’s music video for the single La Grenouille. We also styled his girlfriend Caroline who was beautiful and added a wonderful feeling to the look we were going for. Bravo to Jariah Waring, Yumiko Hikage, Nelly Charraud, Kat Rutherford, François, and Seb. Good job Crew.


Also on the horizon is a shoot involving a short story I wrote concerning deformity and greyness. Oo lala


And now for some inspiration…


Our shoot Floating Points with Ruby Feathers went swimmingly. Arnaud Prevost, Rafya Khan, Sigourney Burrell, Anissa, Aiasha, Kat Rutherford — you are all rock stars. Photo updates soon.

We are shooting a music video with director Jariah Waring for the up and coming Arthur Chevalier in the morning. Stay tuned.

Now for some inspiration…